sunnuntai 17. marraskuuta 2013

Central Park


On Monday before and after Guggenheim we walked through Central Park. We stopped by a lake which I think was artificial. It was huge and there was some kind of fountain in the middle of it.
   It was Columbus Day so the park was full of people. There were lots of joggers, walkers, and cute dogs, for example. After walking for some time we found ourselves in front of the Boathouse. It looked exactly how I had pictured it. There were people playing music and others were just enjoying the weather. We also gathered in a group photo in front of the famous Bethesda Fountain.
   By the Boathouse there was a little pond which was green and it smelled gross. However, people were rowing boats there.
   After walking around awhile we sat on a rock to listen to our teacher. The view was fantastic because there were trees and nature combined with high skyscrapers. You don't see that in Finland.
   All in all, I think Central Park was just what I expected, amazing.

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