tiistai 19. marraskuuta 2013

Dear readers of October in New York

A year has passed since my latest post and I have had yet another lively group studying American Studies with me in Helsinki, Finland. After reading both novels set in NYC and guidebooks, and visiting e.g. the American Resource Center and the Innovation Center in the American Embassy in Helsinki, we finally flew to New York in mid-October.

This year was pretty special: we had the chance to experience the Metropolitan Opera for the first time with the whole group, as well as to visit MoMA when it was closed to the public. I know that in time, if not already, my students will realize how extraordinary things they got to see and experience during our week in New York, even though some of us were a bit disappointed not to be able to climb up the Statue of Liberty due to the government shutdown.

Furthermore, I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who participated and was involved in making our stay so memorable – all our guides in various museums and tours were of top quality being able to show us how amazing the history and the present in New York and around the world can be. Also, thank you my lovely “co-pilot“ Kristel who tirelessly chaperoned and supervised the group with me. Let’s hope the postcards will reach our near and dear one day.  Thank you students! You were complimented not only by your language skills but also by your insightful comments and questions on our guided tours – not to mention your stylish looks. I am proud of you!

Till we meet again, New York!



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