sunnuntai 17. marraskuuta 2013

The Yellow Cabs

Yellow cabs

When you think about New York City one of the first things to pop up to your mind are the yellow cabs, right? They are also one of the first things we saw when we arrived in New York City. The first ones at the airport made me realize that I really had just arrived in New York. ''They really exist?'' Well yeah, they exist and the pictures with many yellow cabs could be taken in every corner of New York. Where ever we went there were many yellow cabs waiting to be needed. We didn't really need them because our hostel was so near to for example Time Square but yelling ''Taxi!'' has to be experienced while visiting New York. So we did use the yellow cabs... quite a few times. But is't okay because of the low prices. Our taxi rides never cost over 15 dollars and if you have tired feet and a lot of shopping bags it really is the best way to get back to the hostel. Not to mention how much you could see while driving those busy streets in a little cab. 

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