maanantai 18. marraskuuta 2013

Metropolitan Museum Wednesday October 16

On Wednesday morning we headed to the Metropolitan Museum of Arts. There we were divided into two groups. Our group went with Kristel and a nice quide lady. First we went to watch some ancient Greek and Roman sculptures. Metropolitan is designed very nicely and the halls are all made to look like places where the artwork could have formely been. The quide also asked questions so we were well concentrated on the round all the time. We saw a room whose walls had been found from Pompei and then an Egyptian temple with its pharaos and everything. It was amazing. Some of the students wanted to see mummies so we shortly visited them, too. Then we went to see a painting that presented the death of Socrates. Those of the students who have been in philosophy course had seen a picture of that painting there so it was interesting to see the original artwork. And then after one Picasso painting our tour was over. 

We went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Wednesday. It is the largest art museum in the United States. It has about two million art pieces in its collection.  The museum was really e because of its large selection of art. There were sculptures, paintings, modern art pieces and even a temple from Egypt. In addition, the guide of my group was very good and made us think and analyze the art pieces very much which made the tour very pleasant. This was the best museum visit on our trip in my opinion. 


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