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Brooklyn and the somewhat famous bridge

Brooklyn, the most populated borough in New York City, has a diverse community, delightful culture and an enrichening history that will surround a visitor with a down-to-earth atmosphere. Its 2,6 million residents come from all around the world, and have areas in the borough wholly dedicated to the people who colonized Brooklyn over 350 years ago. The name Brooklyn comes from the Dutch who settled in the area first after the American Indians, and named it Breuckelen, meaning marshland in Dutch. Nowadays Brooklyn is populated by residents who moved to America in hopes of the American dream, but couldn’t afford to live in Manhattan.  
Brooklyn is located next to the boroughs of Queens at the southwestern end of Long Island, and has several bridge connections to Staten Island and Manhattan, including the world-famous Brooklyn Bridge. Since the late eighteen-hundreds, the borough has been coterminous with Kings County. It has extensive public transportation and major roadways in regular commuters’ advantage, and works all day.  
Brooklyn is a definite stop for anyone looking for an escape from the busy streets of Manhattan.  

Brooklyn Bridge 

The Brooklyn Bridge is a bridge that connects Brooklyn and Manhattan to each other. It is 1825 meters long. The construction of The Brooklyn Bridge started in 1869 and it was finished in 1883. Some people were afraid that the bridge would collapse but everyone was proved wrong when 21 elephants walked across it. We visited Brooklyn Bridge on October 14th. We also saw the bridge on our first day when we were on a boat tour. There were many people walking across the bridge on the day we visited it. There were also cyclists who weren’t even able to cycle because there was so much traffic on the bridge. I thought it was a little scary to walk on the bridge because you could see the river beneath you. Overall The Brooklyn Bridge was very beautiful and huge. 

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