keskiviikko 10. tammikuuta 2018

On cloud number nine...? Visiting the ESB on a foggy morning in October

The Empire State Building 

As we walked the busy streets of New York everyone looked around to spot The Empire State Building. Finally, Mervi recognised the building even though a good portion of it was inside the clouds. The building is magnificent - I tell you. Going as high as your eyes could see had a literal meaning for us because the clouds blocked our view of the top. As we were going through the security many of them warned of us not being able to see anything on the top. The Empire State Building reminded me of Euro Disney of how the security was and especially the elevator trip up to the top. As you were going up on the elevator you were shown a brief history of The Empire State Building and finally you found yourself overlooking the city. It was foggy, that’s for sure, but it gave the city a mystical vibe and you could see quite well in spite of the fog. The Empire State Building is awesome! 

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