keskiviikko 10. tammikuuta 2018

MoMA on a Friday Night

MoMAThe Museum of Modern Art 

We visited MoMA on Friday October 13th. There were six floors and five different exhibitions there. The most famous exhibition in MoMA is Collection Galleries which is a permanent collection. It is located on the fifth floor. Collection Galleries contains many famous works from 1880 to 1950. We saw for example works painted by Picasso and van Gogh. Van Gogh’sStarry Nighthad the most tourists gathered around it. There was an exhibition called ”Is Fashion Modern?” on the sixth floor. I really like fashion so I found this exhibition interesting. There are almost 200 000 works on display in MoMA. We weren’t obviously able to see every one of them but we still saw lots of beautiful pieces. Some of them were also very weird and sometimes you couldn’t get the work’s point just like that and you had to dig deeper. Unfortunately not everyone was able to visit the Sculpture Garden but we still saw it from the building. MoMA was an amazing experience! 

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