keskiviikko 10. tammikuuta 2018

Dear Readers

Dear readers, 

One would think a decade is a long time but when I look back to February 2008, it seems like yesterday. That is when I flew to New York to plan a course a bit later to be named ‘American Studies’. In 2017, once again, I had the great privilege of leading a group of students through both the course and a memorable week in our favorite city, New York. As always, there was a lot to see and much to experience in the city that offered us both rain and shine, hot days and chilly mornings. The group of twelve students and yours truly surely made the most of it. We were tourists, of course, but I dare to claim that we got to take a good glimpse on several aspects of American life regardless.
Do read and enjoy the accounts written by my students. They certainly had their own favorites on our itinerary. Mine were the Metropolitan Opera, as always, Phantom of the Opera (was it the 4th time already?), and our visits to Columbia University and to the UN (Thanks again, Cessi!). Seeing the enthusiasm our visits evoke is always the best possible thank you one can get. 

I would like to thank my wonderfully enthusiastic, punctual and bubbly students as well as their exceptionally supportive families. NYC is a city to be experienced in person. I hope there will be new groups of students to do so one day. 

Until next time, New York!

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