keskiviikko 10. tammikuuta 2018

Our Home Away from Home


We spent our nights at Vanderbilt Hostel YMCA, located on Manhattan’s East side of New York City. The location of Vanderbilt was perfect, near Grand Central Terminal and some of the places we visited were only a walking distance away. Still, New York is a large city so sometimes we had to take a subway from Grand Central or a bus from the nearest bus stop. Staff at Vanderbilt was fun and helpful when there were some small problems. The rooms were nice, and after a long day it was a blessing to get to lie on the bed, even if you had to climb to the upper bed. In our floor there was only one shower and one toilet. That didn’t cause any problems but of course it would’ve been nice and luxurious to have your own toilet and shower. But everyone got used to that very fast, so no problems. Vanderbilt treated us well and overall it was a great place to stay. 

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