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Yellow Cabs

The Yellow Cabs  

The yellow cabs are universally recognized icons of the city of New York. They come in two colors: the yellow and the apple green cabs. The green taxi arestreet hail livery vehiclesalso known as theboro taxis”. They can pick up passengers in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Upper Manhattan by call or a hail. The iconic yellow cabsmedallion taxiscan pick up passengers from any place in the five boroughs and must be hailed with a raised hand or by standing at a taxi stand. The cabs have a roof light indicating the cab's availability. So, a lit light means it's available and an unlit light means that the cab is not free. The taxi fares begin at 2.50$. My first yellow taxi trip was after we had seen “La Bohéme” in the Metropolitan Opera. The trip took 15 minutes and it cost about 10 dollars including taxes and the tip. I used the cabs a few times after that and I really enjoyed it. The taxis have a little TV in front of the passenger seats. On the screen you could see where you were and the present price

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