torstai 12. tammikuuta 2017

Dear Readers of October in New York

Dear readers, 

Time flies, doesn’t it? Once again, I had the great privilege of leading a group of students through an American Studies course and a week in our favorite city, New York. As always, there was a lot to see and much to experience in the city enjoying an October heatwave (we seem to have been lucky recently – a second wonderfully warm October week for our group in a row). The group of fourteen eager students and yours truly surely made the most of it. Also, I suspect there are will be a number of us returning – soon - due to the variety and quality of everything this magnificent city can offer be it culture, history or any aspect of American life.
Please, read the accounts written by my students. They certainly had their own favourites on our itenerary. Mine were the Metropolitan Opera, as always, Chicago the Musical, and our visit to the UN Headquarters that was hosted by a former student of mine. Talk about the time flying and students having careers all over the world…! Furthermore, the extraordinary team-spirit this smallish yet vivacious group had needs to be acknowledged.  
I would like to thank my wonderfully enthusiastic, punctual and joyful students as well as their exceptionally supportive families. NYC is a city to be experienced in person. I hope there will be new groups of students to do so in the near future.
Until next time, New York!

Until next time, New York!

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