torstai 12. tammikuuta 2017

The UN Headquarters

The United Nations – the UN

Secretary-general Ban Ki-moon in the General Assembly Hall

We visited the United Nations headquarters on Friday, October the 14th. The tour started when Cecilia came to pick us up and guide us through the security check. A fun fact was that Cecilia was in fact a former student of our teacher, Mervi. The fact that we were actually in the United Nations headquarters, got us all ― well at least me ― flabbergasted. It felt so surreal that we had the honour to visit one of the most influential buildings in the world. I had never wondered how the building looked from the inside. When we entered the building, it didn’t look all that impressive. It was spacious and simple, nothing too fancy as one might have thought. The visit itself was really educational and interesting.

Thank you Cessi!

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