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MoMA - A guided tour on October 14, 2016


Discussing art with Chris

           I think that to me, personally, the visit to the Museum of Modern Art was one of the highlights of the trip. Having done the presentation about the landmark before actually visiting it, the visitation was almost a dream come true: all the artwork that I’d only seen on a computer screen finally right there in front of me, within an arm’s reach. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see all the works of art that I’d hoped to due to the lack of time, for example the MoMA’s collection of Andy Warhol and the painting by Umberto Boccioni that I’d fallen in love with, but the ones that I did see made a great impact on me.
After the tour held by a very professional guide we headed up to the fifth floor where the paintings we had been dying to see were located: the many pieces by Monet, Picasso, Mondrian, Matisse and many other great artists. I was so delighted to see the most famous paintings with my own eyes, but I found myself getting mesmerized by some less known ones too and I definitely fell for many new artists from my experience in MoMA.

Another thing I loved about the museum, putting aside the art inside, was the building and especially the small garden: it was so serene and aesthetic, I could have stayed there forever just listening to the sound of the water flowing in the fountain. The inside of the museum was very open and filled with light and space.
 I could’ve spent many more hours, even days, just wandering around the museum, but unfortunately we only had limited time there. If I got the chance, I would go back there in a heartbeat.

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