torstai 12. tammikuuta 2017

Central Park

Central Park

October 15, 2016 Morning run

            The alarm woke me up at 7o’clock. I was energetic and excited about my morning run in Central Park. When it comes to running in Finland I don’t have any motivation to start the day by running. While I’m abroad I’ll absolutely go running. Central Park has always fascinated me. I have seen many pictures and movie scenes about it. Finally, I was able to visit.
            I was running with my friend Hanna along the road at Central Park. We weren’t alone, a huge crowd of people were running as well. It made a huge impression on me that Central Park was full of people. People in Finland are rarely seen running in the morning.
Mostly we were running around the pond. The views were incredible and fascinating. I loved all those autumn colors and buildings in Central Park. It was easy to run there because the area was lovely.
Central Park is a superb place for a picnic, a morning run and a walk! Visiting it is highly recommended for all tourists. There you can see chipmunks, beautiful nature, and hot dog booths, for instance. This park was one of my favorite places on my trip to New York. 

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