torstai 12. tammikuuta 2017

Broadway musical Chicago

Broadway musical

I also went to a Broadway musical the last time I was in New York only then I saw Matilda. This time we went to see a classic: Chicago. I hadn’t really known anything about this musical, which is unacceptable I know, before I found out we were going to go see it. After that I couldn’t stop listening to the soundtrack of the film that has been made from the musical. I was very excited before we saw it and very eager to see it.
   I thought that the whole musical was excellent. The performers were great for their parts and were amazing, especially Veronica Dunne who played the main character Roxy. She was amazing and, all in all, perfect for her role. This was also her debut performance on Broadway. Also, NaTasha Yvette Williams who played Matron "Mama" Morton and R. Lowe who played Mary Sunshine were very good in their roles. I think that this musical was if not the best then one of the best things we did in New York.

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