torstai 12. tammikuuta 2017

The famous Brooklyn Bridge

Our merry group on the Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is the most famous bridge in the world located in New York City. It was completed in 1883. It connects Downtown Manhattan and Brooklyn. The Brooklyn Bridge has two 80-meter high towers and a 1825-meter long roadway and a broad promenade. With its unprecedented length and two towers, The Brooklyn Bridge was named “the Eighth wonder of the world”
The Brooklyn Bridge is very important for hundreds of thousands of people who come to Manhattan in the morning and come back to Brooklyn in the evening every day.
Thousands of people walk on the Brooklyn Bridge taking photos in front of the Manhattan skyline.
From The Brooklyn Bridge you can also see The Statue of Liberty and Brooklyn Bridge Park.
The Brooklyn Bridge is not just one of two thousands bridges in New York City, but part of its history. In 1883 Brooklyn Bridge connected two separate cities: New York and Brooklyn City. In 1898 New York and Brooklyn were united and now Brooklyn is one of neighborhoods and boroughs of New York City.


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