torstai 12. tammikuuta 2017

Visiting Lady Liberty on October 17, 2016

Statue of Liberty

October 17, 2016 Monday


It was a sunny and warm day and I was embarking a ship with my student group. We were heading to the Statue of Liberty and everyone was extremely excited about the tour. I went up to the deck to adore the weather and the waves. I was ready to shoot my video and enjoy the tour. The flag of the United States was flying in the wind.
The ship was approaching the Statue of Liberty, exciting! It felt astonishing because I was here for the first time and seeing the Statue of Liberty. For me it was a big dream to see this sight. I was leaving the ship and on my way to go inside the Statue of Liberty. Faster and faster I climbed the stairs with my friends to see the views from the Statue of Liberty. I was speechless, the views were incredibly beautiful. Manhattan looked great by the sea and the water was bright. I was taking photos with my friends and the teacher. I and my friends got to know other foreigners and Americans which was lovely. At the shop Mervi and I bought the crowns of the Statue of Liberty. It was fun! 

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