torstai 12. tammikuuta 2017

Visiting Brooklyn

On Saturday October 15 we went to Brooklyn by metro. We were walking around Brooklyn when we came to a market. People were selling fruit and vegetables as well as jewelry. After spending a few minutes at the market we continued are walk to a diner. The diner was really nice though there was a little problem with understanding each other when we were paying. Still, our lunch was fun and full of laughter. 

After everybody was ready to leave we went to Brooklyn Heights. We walked next to the East River and we could see Manhattan. When it was time to go back to Manhattan we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. It was beautiful and there were a lot of people. We also saw Dumbo and the apartments looked awesome. Our day in Brooklyn went really well and it was warm too so everybody had fun. After Brooklyn our free time started and everybody’s feet hurt because of walking all day. Still it was all worth it. 

Lost or not...?

Farmers Market in Brooklyn

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