perjantai 25. joulukuuta 2015

Columbus Day Parade

Columbus Day Parade was wonderful! Seeing the Italian-American community happy and celebrating their day gave a warm feeling for everyone. We walked down Fifth Avenue as the parade’s music echoed in the city of New York. All the flags representing Italy in the colours of green, white and red were waved by people with smiles so big that you could see their teeth from the other end of the street. We saw multiple cars and party trucks, not to mention the drummers on foot. Overall you could say that plenty of people participated in the event. The music was playing, people were enjoying themselves and the atmosphere was as festive as it gets. It was delightful to see how they party in the US. Of course it was nice to see some real-life action with real people after you had seen only paintings and stuff that museums have to offer. A nice experience indeed!

Mr Columbus himself?

US Navy in the NYC Columbus Day Parade on 5th Avenue in 2015.

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