perjantai 25. joulukuuta 2015

We are on our way!


JFK was the first place that we went since we arrived and the last place that we saw in NYC. It has been named after America’s late President John F. Kennedy, although it hasn’t always been called by that name. Previously it was called “Idlewild” and renamed in 1963.
 Right after we landed we had to go through immigration, which wasn’t so bad because of its kind personnel. Everything went easily and quickly, even though the line was enormous.
We got in a bit of a rush in the last day of our trip, the bus to the airport was over an hour late. Despite the fact that we only had under two hours to spend at the airport, we faced no difficulties. We were little amazed that the shops in there weren’t as good as in Helsinki-Vantaa Airport.
We were in Terminal 8 and our gate was 3. JFK airport was a pleasant place to say goodbye to NYC. Maybe we will see again someday!

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