perjantai 25. joulukuuta 2015

Lady Liberty Enlightening The World

Statue of Liberty

Our group began the day at 8 o’clock ready to head to the most recognized landmark in New York, the Liberty Island. Lucky for us the weather couldn’t have been any better. When we arrived at the harbor we faced a security check, after completing the security check we headed towards the dock where we waited for boarding. It took about 20-25 minutes to get to the Liberty Island.
   When we arrived at the Liberty Island especially the first time visitors were amazed by the beauty of Lady Liberty - including me. After we had put our bags in lockers we were ready to visit the Lady Liberty. We could either have walked to the pedestal where Lady Liberty stands on or we could have taken the elevator. I and a couple of my friends chose to climb the stairs and at the same time get much needed exercise. 

The views form the pedestal were amazing, especially the Manhattan skyline. Unfortunately we were not able to visit the crown, because it’s mandatory to make a separate reservation to visit the crown (N.B. The maximum group size is four. Furthermore, high school groups are not the best candidates for the crwon visit.) After a brief photo session we headed down towards the dock and continued our trip to the Ellis Island.  

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