sunnuntai 4. tammikuuta 2015

American Museum of Natural History

American Museum of Natural History

This museum is one of the biggest and best-known natural history museums in the whole world. It's a huge place and they have things, such as stuffed animals, skeletons of animals died of extinction millions of years ago, and items that belonged to people from ancient cultures, from all over the world. The museum is located in New York, Manhattan, next to Central Park in Upper West Side. 

What I liked the most were the exhibitions of mammoths and North American Indians. Also the building itself was beautiful, in my opinion. It's a shame we had so little time there, now we had to run through the whole place to see everything. I recommend everyone to visit the museum even if you're not so excited about museums because I believe that there is something for everyone and that there is no person in the world who wouldn't learn something new there. 
I could've spent there a whole day, there were so many interesting things to see. Therefore, when you will go there make sure you have enough time.             


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