sunnuntai 4. tammikuuta 2015

Metropolitan Opera and "Die Zauberflöte"

Metropolitan Opera

On Saturday we went to the Metropolitan Opera to see a German Opera performance ”Die Zauberflöte”.
We were all dressed up, boys had suits and girls had fancy dresses. It was a Saturday evening so we were putting on the best we could. The auditorium was completely full of people when we went in. We had quite good seats in stalls, in around row 10.
The opera itself was quite funny, the scenery was fabulous. Sadly, it was already our third day in New York, so we all were a bit tired after many museums and all that running around the city. We hadn’t had too much sleep the night before, so we couldn’t fully enjoy our amazing experience in the Metropolitan Opera. However, it was fun and I think that with those prejudices everyone had, we were delighted and surprised, how entertaining an opera can be.

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