sunnuntai 4. tammikuuta 2015

Rockefeller Center and The Top of the Rock

Rockefeller center
The ESB seen from the Top of the Rock
Our group visited the Top of the Rock on Thursday, which was the first whole day in New York. We got to notice that the Rockefeller center was much more than just a tall building. In Rockefeller center’s ”front yard” there were long rows of flags of different countries circling a skating rink in the middle. Next to the row of flags opposite to the front doors, there was a medium sized plate sort of a thing in the ground, which was - according to Mervi - the spot where the annual Rockefeller center’s Christmas tree is placed. The view from the top of the Rock was spectacular. What really caught my eye from the heights was the Empire State building and its lights at night time. Overall I liked Rockefeller center actually more than the Empire State building, and I will surely visit it again some day.

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