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Cathedral of St John the Divine

Cathedral of Saint John the Divine

The Cathedral of Saint John the Divine is officially called Cathedral Church of Saint John: The Great Divine in the City and Diocese of New York. The Cathedral is located in New York City on Amsterdam Avenue. We could only see the Cathedral during our Manhattan Sightseeing Tour when we drove along Amsterdam Avenue. The cathedral was designed in 1888 and the building process started in 1892 but it’s still unfinished. Because of that, it is often called St. John the Unfinished, which is the nickname of the cathedral. There was a fierce fire in the cathedral in 2001 and it reopened seven years later when the repairs were finished. The building is very large and impressive; it’s the fourth largest Christian church in the world. The cathedral is 183 meters long and almost 71 meters high. Services are held more than 30 times a week and there people can worship together even though they are coming from different faiths and communities.

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